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Stay ahead with the right tomato hooks

Ensure efficiency during crop rotation by using quick and easy to hang tomato hooks.

To help growers get ahead during crop rotation Royal Brinkman offers tomato hooks that are easy to use and quick to hang. With flexibility in hook size, twine length, twine strength, and different color combinations Royal Brinkman is able to offer a full range of high wire hooks suited to fit your needs. Our assortment is not only used for tomato cultivation but is equally suited for cucumber, pepper, and eggplant cultivation.

Advantages at a glance

Check The high wire hooks are quick and easy to use
Check A single hand allows growers to hang these high wire hooks and drop the twine
Check Choose your own order of different colors in a box
Check The length of free fall and tied twine are possible in any length

Want to know what hooks best fit your needs? Feel free to ask your questions to our specialist without obligations.

tomato hooks in greenhouse

The most popular tomato hooks

  • The Easy Hook

    The free fall of all Easy hooks in the package are collected in a "tail" which is wrapped with a cover. While hanging in the tomato greenhouse, the tail is hung out of the box. The employee then only has to hang the hooks to the high wire. The free fall is led out of the wrapper by itself. This makes the Easy hook, easy and very fast to work with.

  • The V-Hook

    The V-hook distinguishes itself by the free fall twine that is attached to the high wire hook with an rubber band. While hanging the tomato hooks, it is possible to keep several hooks in your hand. With a small thumb movement you can easily remove the rubber band to release the free fall twine. The twine then hangs exactly at the right height for your plant.

  • The O-Hook

    The O-hook is one of the fastest systems currently on the market. The tomato hook saves time and therefore a lot of money. Because the free fall is attached in between the other twine, you only have to pull slightly. This prevents waste on the ground of your rubber bands. The twine then hangs exactly at the right height for your plant.

Already hooked?

The tomato hook configurator is for customers who have ordered high wire hooks from Royal Brinkman before. And for growers who know exactly which hooks they need. Your personal account manager is available for any questions, and will make the personal quotation for you.

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