Tomato Hook Configurator

With a flexibility regarding hook size, strength of twine, length of twine and colors and packing combinations, Royal Brinkman is able to offer you a full range of tomato hooks; also being used for cucumber, pepper and eggplant.

Fill in the configurator below as completely as possible, so your personal account manager can provide you with a personalized quote. Easily fill in multiple windows if you want to request multiple variants of hooks. Don't worry this request is without any obligations, and can be adapted to your wishes later, if necessary.

O Hook
V Hook
Easy Hook
HD Hook
O-HookV-HookEasy HookHD-Hook
The free fall part of the O-type Hooks is wind into an O-shape, which is fixated between the twine on the hook. The O-shape ensures a high hanging speed, even faster than the V-hook.
The free fall part of the V-type Hook is kept together with an elastic. The twine is positioned exactly above the plant and can be connected to the plant easily.V-hook is also very fast.
The Easy hook is a tale hook, the free fall twine is combined in tale. This makes the Easy hook, easy and fast to work with. The hook is available with or without free fall and in custom sizes.
The HD-Hook mostly will be used when a extra shoot is taken for production. All the twine at a HD-Hook is bundled on the hook. The HD-Hook is also available without twineWithout twine

Do you want to test the tomato hook first?

Request a free product sample! Royal Brinkman knows how hard it is to make the right desicion between many products. To help you make the right choice, Royal Brinkman offers to send a sample for a selection of our products to our customers. A product sample enables you to check whether the products fits your needs before deciding to buy it.

Our hook selection in a video:
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