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Can-Hub is the platform to meet growing global cannabis industry and increasing demand for specialist knowledge . Can-Hub offers a total package of products, knowledge and advice for professional cannabis cultivation worldwide. With an extensive team consisting of experienced specialists, she offers advice and knowledge about the best cultivation methods with the latest technologies for this specific industry.

As personal knowledge partner, we are close to the grower. In addition to product specialization, we also have consultants who have all-round knowledge of topics such as hygiene, dehumidification, climate and water. With all this knowledge, we guarantee our customers a complete advice.
Full range of products and knowledge for legal cannabis cultivation.
A global team of local specialists.
Lokale advisering en ondersteuning in het complete proces

  • Combining knowledge and expertise to grow together

    Can-Hub specialists draw on over 135 years of experience raising both yields and quality in all kinds of crops. In conjunction with our partners, we invest in innovation and develop cultivation methods using the latest technology. By combining expertise in its specialists Can-Hub creates innovative solutions in the areas of durability, hygiene, integrated pest management and water management.

    Bas Brinkman, Technology Manager Royal Brinkman: “Cannabis cultivation is a complex cultivation, not easy to compare with another cultivation. The expertise and experience that we have built up globally with professional cannabis cultivation will enable us to provide professional support to growers that want to continue to grow. We know well what is going on worldwide and what is specifically needed for this cultivation. Together with our extensive network and partners, we can offer them our knowledge, products, technology and guidance at the highest certification level in the cannabis industry. ”

Royal Brinkman is a member of the Legal Cannabis Coalition
After more than two years of collaboration in a cultivation trial for medicinal cannabis conducted by Wageningen University & Research (WUR), companies based in the Top Sector Horticulture & Starting Materials in the Netherlands joined forces to combine their knowledge and experience. This has made the Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC) a knowledge center. In the LCC, these companies, in collaboration with laboratories, Life Science and science, bring together their worldwide knowledge and experience.

  • The Can-Hub Show

    With members representing over 14 Cannabis legalised countries, Royal Brinkman’s own Can-Hub has fast become a one-stop shop for Commercial Cannabis cultivators and investors worldwide. With so many innovations and personalities all converging on what is one of the world's fastest-growing industries, the crew from Can-Hub did what any right minded enthusiasts would do in our situation. We grabbed a coffee and a keyboard and set about bringing you all of the latest tech and knowhow from the world of Hi-tech commercial Cannabis cultivation… enter “The Can-Hub Show”. The show is co-hosted by Can-Hub team members Jim Pryor and Matthew Dent.

    Jim’s 20 + years of Horticultural experience and recent involvement with the fast-growing U.K scene is complemented by self-professed Cannabis nerd Matthew Dents enthusiasm for all things hi-tech in the world of commercial cannabis cultivation.

  • Take a look at the second episode of Can-Hub

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