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Tomato plant support clips | Best clips to prevent plant damage

Written by: Martin Meuldijk | Latest update: 27-12-2021 

Tomato plant support is very important at the start of a new crop. Young tomato plants are very vulnerable and can therefore break or damage very easily in the beginning. After a while the plant grows very fast and the weight will get too heavy for the plant, causing damage in several spots. This hinders the production and the quality of the crop. To avoid this damage, a plant needs more support during the growth process. Whether to support the tomato truss, avoid tearing or support the branch of the plant. Our Crop Rotation specialists inform you about the different ways of supporting the tomato plant.

  • Clips to avoid tearing of the tomato plant

    When the tomato plant will be lowered for the first time, there is a risk of tearing the stem of the plant. By growing tomatoes with two-shoot set up, you are risking breaking the shoots.
    The plant will be too heavy. Eventually this will lead to growth reduction of the tomato plant. When a tomato plant is splitted, the plant will be vulnerable for diseases and fungi, such as Botrytis.

    To avoid the plants from splitting, you can use the 
    Twinhook supporting the stem of the tomato plant. The main branch of the plants will be supported by the Twinhook. We advise to use the Twinhook one month after planting the plants in the greenhouse.

Truss support and stem support

  • Clips for Tomato truss support

    After a few weeks the first trusses will appear on the tomato plants. These first trusses are very vulnerable and can kink easily from the stem, because of its weight. This will have a negative effect on the quality of the tomatoes or the trusses will not even grow to full size.

    To prevent the trusses from kinking,
     tomato truss support clips are used.
    The clips are attached around the truss stem, giving it support and ensuring better fruit quality and higher production. These truss arches are great support for plants, are very flexible and avoid the trusses from bending, which results in more tomatoes of higher quality of the first trusses. Because of its flexibility the clips are easily attached arount the stem of the tomato trusses. 

  • Clips for trellising tomatoes

    Another part of the tomato plant which needs support is the stem of the plant. As tomato plants get bigger, they need more support. This is why the tomato plants are trellised with high wire hooks and twine in professional horticulture. Trelissing keeps the tomato plant upright and prevent the stems from breaking. Trellising can be done by means of two methods: twisting or clipping the tomato plants. Traditionally, twisting is still used, but more and more growers choose to tie up the plants by using tomato stem support clips. The clips are attached below the leaf and are connected with twine in one simple click. Working with tomato clips is quite easy and can be learned quickly. Besides using the trellising clips for growing tomatoes, these clips can also be used for growing cucumbers and bell peppers. For cucumbers you need a smaller clip, the Valent Cuke Clip 15mm or Brinkman Easy Clip 14mm. For bell peppers, you need a larger 26 mm Valent pepper clip. From the Valent line there is also a tomato stem support clip available of 23mm. Based on on your crop, you can choose from a broad assortment vegetable plant support clips.

Biodegradable clips for tomato plant support

Apart from the plastic support clips, there are also biodegradable tomato clips available in our assortment. The added value of the bio clip, which is biodegradable, is mainly the saving in waste costst, as these clips do not have to be removed from the crop during crop rotation. Biodegradable clips are compostable under industrial conditions, in addition they are certified and biologically compostable. 



Whitepaper: Save labor with our Valent line

Valent lineHooks, clips and twines are essential for your cultivation. It supports your plants from the beginning of the crop rotation. You only want the highest quality of material for your crop. Use the Valent line to eliminate the risk of breakage, to ensure that young plants grow in height and to save labor. In this whitepaper you will find the differences between the Valent Hooks, advantages of the Valent Clip and a lot more. 


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