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Hank Neufeld customer story

“I give the Valent Clip a perfect rating”

- Hank Neufeld, COO Vine Fresh Acres, Leamington, Canada –

  • "In 2021, we were approached by Royal Brinkman to test their Valent Clips. We found that our clippers could go through the rows faster. Because of hygiene, our clippers must wear gloves. However, they often have to change gloves because a clip tears their glove open. The Valent Clips are smooth and have no sharp edges, thereby they do not tear the glove.

    The Clipper could go faster through the rows by not having to change their gloves as often. Once the trial was completed, we started ordering these clips from Royal Brinkman. We’re now beginning to fully implement the use of this clip,” says Hank Neufeld, COO at Vine Fresh Acres in Leamington, Ontario, Canada.

  • "Vine Fresh Acres specializes in Long English cucumbers. Our cucumber farm is about 34 acres and consists of 300,000 plants. With 100 employees per day, it’s important that the workday is as efficient as possible and that the employees are satisfied with the products they work with. Our employees have absolutely no complaints about the clips. And looking at how the crop stands, the clips hold the weight of the plant perfectly. The plants and the twine don’t slip in the clip. I think this is one of the first times I would give a product a perfect rating.”

    “The clippers could go through the rows faster”.
    – Hank Neufeld, COO Vine Fresh Acres

  • Winding vs Clipping

    Arie Alblas, specialist at Royal Brinkman, explains that there are two methods to ensure that young plants grow in height, namely winding and clipping. “In this way, a plant doesn’t collapse under the weight of the crop hanging from the plant. This prevents the plant from buckling or tearing and the crop from losing quality. Winding causes the growth of the plant to slow down, because you pinch the stem and thus reduce the supply of nutrients. Winding is a special technique, and you’ll need to hire specialists to do this for you. Winding is a lot slower than clipping.

    With clipping you place a clip on the plant and the twine, without having to turn the plant. The big advantage here is that, unlike with winding, you don’t pinch the stem of the plant, so there’s no growth retardation. In addition, it's much faster than winding and you’re less likely to damage or break down the plant.”

    “Winding is a lot slower than clipping”
    Arie Alblas, specialist Royal Brinkman

  • Unique Design

    The Valent Clip was specially developed by Royal Brinkman, and it has a unique design when compared to other clips. The clip is perfectly rounded, so there’s less chance of damaging the plant. The cleverly created air holes around its surface also reduce the risk of Botrytis.

    Despite using less material, the twine grippers are reinforced so the Valent Clip sticks well to the twine. With its large and strong twine grippers, equipped with non-slip points, the Valent Clip can handle high planting loads with less chance of the twine slipping. In addition, it provides optimal guidance, which doesn’t hinder plant growth or damage the plant.

    “You can count on our clips because we have local stock in Canada and the products are therefore available quickly,” explains Arie Alblas.


From a sustainability point of view, the Valent Clips are made of 100% high-quality recycled material. And because the clip features a resealable opening, it can be easily repositioned if required, without the need for a new clip. The clever design creates less waste resulting in an environmentally friendly clip.

  • From left to right: Hank Neufeld, Arie Alblas and Berry Blom

  • Discover the labour saving benefits of the clips 

  • With the Valent Clip the clippers could go through the rows faster by not having to change their gloves as often 


"We’re very happy with this Valent Clip that Royal Brinkman provided for us, and I really think there is something here with this clip," says Hank Neufeld. "The employees have absolutely no complaints and recommend working with this clip. We see that our employees work faster and more efficiently. Moreover, less gloves are wasted by using this clip. We are proud to be part of the trial and we look forward to continuing to use the Valent Clip.”
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