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Valent LineWhitepaper 'Save labor with our Valent line'
Support your crop and save labor costs with Valent.

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Hooks, twine and clips are essential for your cultivation because they support the vulnerable plants at the beginning of the crop rotation. The highest quality material to support your vegetable food production, that is what the Valent line stands for.  In this whitepaper we will tell you all about the Valent line and how the products can optimize your cultivation.
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    You must download the whitepaper 'Save labor with our Valent line'
    If you work with vegetable food production, you only want the highest quality of material. The high quality products of the Valent line can optimize your cultivation. With the Valent Hooks, Valent Clips, Valent Twine and Valent Pepper Twine you can give optimal support to your crop and save labor costs. 

    This you will find in the whitepaper

     7 advantages of the Valent Clip 
     The differences between the Valent Hooks
     How to eliminate the risk of breakage with Valent Twine
     2 methods to ensure that youngs plants grow in height

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