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Hygiene measures

Whitepaper 'Hygiene measures in greenhouse horticulture'

These tips will keep contamination out of the greenhouse

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The impact of a plant disease within your horticultural company can be enormous. Such a disease can enter your greenhouse in different ways: through people, water, materials and tools. This can be prevented with the right hygiene measures. In this whitepaper we explain how to do this.
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  • Therefore
    You must download the whitepaper 'Hygiene measures in greenhouse horticulture'

    Plant diseases caused by a virus are persistent and often difficult to combat. We notice that there is often a lack of awareness regarding company hygiene. And yet you can prevent a lot of trouble with it. This whitepaper helps you to keep your business hygiene well under control.

    This you will find in the whitepaper

     A disinfection scan to get you started straight away
     What is involved in a hygiene plan
     The basis for a hygiene protocol for visitors
     What to pay attention to in your cleaning and disinfection strategy
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