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Whitepaper 'Finish clean, start clean'

With this step-by-step plan full of tips you can prevent pollution and diseases in your new crop.

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Your new crop, contaminated with residual diseases and plagues? What a disaster! You can prevent this by ensuring a hygienic crop rotation. It saves you a lot of stress and ensures that you don’t need to adjust your pesticides unnecessarily afterwards. In this whitepaper you will find all the steps for a clean start.

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    You must download the whitepaper 'Finish clean, start clean'
    The crop rotation is a hectic period. Within a short period of time the old crop has to go out and the new one in. Hygiene is crucial here. Just a small mistake can increase the risk of contamination of your new crop. With all its consequences. With this whitepaper you can clean and disinfect your greenhouse step-by-step for a clean start.

    This you will find in the whitepaper

     A step-by-step plan to ensure that your crop rotation goes smoothly and faultless 
     The correct application of a suitable glass cleaner in your greenhouse
     How to clean the drip system to ensure a good, healthy water quality 
     How to deal with waste water during the crop rotation

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