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BumblebeesWhitepaper 'Effective pollination with bumblebees'
Get the most out of those special pollinators with these tips. 

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Pollination: crucial for a healthy and strong crop. To get bumblebees to do their job as effectively as possible, it is important to know how they work and what they need. In this whitepaper you will find practical tips to get the highest possible effectiveness out of bumblebees.
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    You must download the whitepaper 'Effective pollination with bumblebees'
    If you work with bumblebees, you are working with a living and fragile product. Various factors such as temperature, sunlight and humidity affect the quality and effectiveness of the bumblebees. With the knowledge gained in this whitepaper, you will have all the tools you need to achieve optimal pollination with bumblebees. With shorter harvest periods, more and better fruit and a higher revenue as a result.

    This you will find in the whitepaper

     10x how to prevent year-round pollination problems and bumblebee mortality 
     9 tips for the correct position of a bumblebee hive
     How to check the quality of bumblebees yourself
     The influence of chemical pesticides on bumblebees

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