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All products you need to produce tomatoes

Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for professionally growing of tomatoes. On this page you’ll find all you need for your crop. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for tomatoes.

Grafting clips
Tomato clips and truss support
Anti condensation film
Substrate mats
Biological crop protection Personal hygiene
Shading agents
Hooks and twine
Internal transport
Knives & scissors
Chemical crop protection

Hooks and twine

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  • Internal transport

    The BENOMIC distinguishes itself directly in our line of pipe rail trolleys. The trolley is completely redesigned and improved. The BENOMIC can be used for nursing and harvesting the crop and can reach a height up to 300 cm. The BENOMIC is available in a 2-scissor, 3-scissor and 4-scissor version. Royal Brinkman also has more basic trolleys in the catalogue.

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  • Harvesting trolleys

    Every crop requires a different kind of harvesting trolley. Royal Brinkman delivers all kind of harvesting trolleys in several sizes, measurements and features. Click on more information to see the full range of harvesting trolleys and spare parts.

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  • Substrate films

    Royal Brinkman is already for many years the leading supplier of substrate film for the horticultural industry. Within our substrate film line we are able to supply two different types of substrate films with different thicknesses. By the usage of double colored substrate film (on top white and black on the bottom), the emergence of weeds below the substrate film can be prevented. Also the double colored substrate film will keep the algae growth to a minimal.

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  • Disinfection mats

    Disinfection mats help to keep diseases out your production area. They disinfect shoes or transport vehicles every time they step on it. A great example is the Menno Flexxomat, which is available is several sizes for transport and persons.

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  • Shading agents

    To prevent the crop from being damaged or getting stressed, a shading agent is sprayed on to the greenhouse roof to reduce the intensity of the light and to improve the climate. Whether you need a cost effective powder shading product or a liquid pasta, Royal Brinkman offers a solution for each situation.

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  • Empas spraying trolley

    The Empas spraying trolley panels are designed on one side of the trolley, in order to avoid extra walks around the trolley. The tank is in several sizes available and the complete trolleys has several options, like a electric reel and a drainage point to the tank. For every grower we have the right spraying trolley.

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