How do you choose the right sleeve?

How to choose the appropriate sleeveFlower and plant sleeves exist in various kinds and sizes, but also in different kinds of material. Each crop has different demands and it is therefore important to choose the sleeve that suits both these demands and your personal requirements. We will gladly advise you regarding this.


Royal Brinkman offers sleeves in two different materials. The first material is CPP. This material is stretchy, user friendly and tears off easily. It is mostly used with inflexible crops such as chrysanthemums. CPP is available in several thicknesses. The number after the material type indicates the thickness in microns.


The second material is OPP. This material is stiffer that CPP. This ensures optimal presentation and is therefore more ornamental. OPP is especially suitable for not inflexible crops, such as orchids. OPP is also available in several thicknesses, with the number after the material indicating the thickness in microns.

Combination of CPP and OPP

It is also possible to combine CPP and OPP. Both materials’ advantages are combined this way: it offers CPP’s stretch ability while offering the sturdiness of OPP. This combination is especially used with lilies. 

More options

Besides materials, you can choose more options like air holes, punch holes a bottom seal and sealing bars. These option ensure better conditions for your crops during transportation and with that better durability. It is also possible to put custom made printing on your sleeves. The Royal Brinkman Studio takes care of the entire process: from design to print.

Gerard Wessteijn
More information regarding sleeves

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