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How do I choose the right Hebo Halter?

Hebo halter
Written by Joyce van der Burg | Last update: 22-6-2021

Hebo Halters are suitable to seal plants simple and fast. The Halter prevents flower and leave damage and ensures a significant saving of labor, because of its easy way of working.


The assortment of Hebo Halters consists of two models with various skills and opportunities. These are explained in the table below.

 Hebo Halter Plus Hebo Halter Super Power
Makes sealing simpel and fast possible   
Ensures a saving of labor 
Suitable for using heavily  
Suitable for inserting mutiple bundles at once 
Features bumb stops in the collar* 

*Bumb stops in the collar ensures the sleeve's perforation teeth to be automatically on the right place.


The two models are available in various sizes. Every size is suitable for another sleeve width. This is the width of the top end of the sleeve in centimeters.
Sleeve width

Sizes Hebo Halter Plus

The Hebo Halter Plus is available in six sizes:
Type Suitable sleeve width 
Hebo Halter Plus 2620 to 28 cm
Hebo Halter Plus 3228 to 35 cm
Hebo Halter Plus 3830 to 40 cm
Hebo Halter Plus 4240 to 50 cm
Hebo Halter Plus 5045 to 50 cm
Hebo Halter Plus 6060 to 70 cm

Sizes Hebo Halter Super Power

The Hebo Halter Super Power is available in five sizes:
Suitable sleeve width 
Hebo Halter Super Power 3228 to 35 cm
Hebo Halter Super Power 3830 to 40 cm
Hebo Halter Super Power 4240 to 50 cm
Hebo Halter Super Power 6050 to 70 cm
Hebo Halter Super Power 7570 to 80 cm


Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts are also available for the Hebo Halter. Examples of spare parts are collars and hinge blocks. Beside that, there are many accessories of the Hebo Halter available, which makes sealing even easier. Examples of accessories are a table support, a table clamp or a elasticized tray. 

Hebo halter super power

Hebo halter plus

Hebo halter standard

Questions about the Hebo Halter

If you have any questions about the Hebo Halter or do you want personal advice? Don't hesitate and contact our product specialist Joyce van der Burg, or ask your question by using the form below.

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