What are the possibilities of using cardboard as packing material?

CardboardA current trend in packaging.  This packing material has many advantages: it is durable and offers good protection during transport. In addition to this it is also a versatile packing material and can be used in multiple forms, such as flower and plant boxes, protective covers for flowers and vegetable and fruit crates.Our specialist tells us more about the use of cardboard as packing material in this article.

Types of cardboard

There are two types of cardboard, each with different characteristics, that enables them to be used for various purposes
  • Corrugated cardboard: this is sturdy cardboard consisting of multiple layers.  The packing industry mainly uses 3-layer corrugated cardboard, but also 5-layer cardboard (with 2 fluted layers) and 7-layer cardboard (with 3 fluted layers).  The fluted layers are standardized following 8 different combinations of flute height and amount of flutes per meter.
  • Kartonnage: this cardboard also consists of multiple layers, but is more compressed.  This makes Kartonnage smoother,  better resistant to moisture and easier to work with than corrugated cardboard. Kartonnage is often used for custom packaging for marketing purposes, because photos and text can be printed on it more clearly.


To prevent migration of ink into food stuffs and therefore guarantee food safety, cardboard can be treated with a coating and/or laminate.  This also gives the cardboard extra strength.  Always enquire regarding the possibilities before you print on your cardboard, so you do not receive an undesirable surprise afterwards.

Tip: We definitely advise that you let a professional design firm, specializing in horticulture, design and print all your packaging. There are strict rules and regulations especially for packaging food stuffs, which these firms are well aware of.

Gerard WesstijnMore information regarding cardboard as packing material
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