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5 tips for good product photos

Product photos
Written by Royal Brinkman Studio | Last update: 22-6-2021

Digital sales of flowers and plants continues to increase. Because of this the importance of good product photos increases as well: after all, a customer wants to know what he is buying. Flower auctions makes it mandatory for growers to deliver a representative photo. But how do you take a high quality product photo? In this articel, Kees Helderman of our partner KH Photo support will give 5 tips for making a good product photo.

A good camera

Use a camera that is capable of taking good quality photos in large format.You can choose a single lens reflex camera (SLR), but often a compact camera will suffice. It is most important that you ue a camera that allows you to manually adjust the white balance.This way you can ensure that the photo quality is constant and that the colours of the flowers and plants are defined as well as possible. You need to set the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, iso and white balance once and after that you do not need to pay attention to it anymore.

Equal background

Place the product to be photographed in front of a solid coloured, simple background, so there will be no distraction from the product. The use of a white background is preferred for this. By highlighting the product you will under expose the background which will show in the photo as off-white or light grey (depending on the distance and lighting of the background).

Proper lighting

Ensure good lighting for correct colour reproduction. Underexposure causes colours to appear darker and overexposure makes colours lighter , resulting in an extorted picture. Use Google to simply find the optimal settings for your camera. Once the camera’s settings have been adjusted for lighting usage, you don’t have pay attention to it anymore.

Photo studio

In order to simplify and increase the quality of your photography you could build a photo studio in your business. This way you can automate the photography by using a stationary camera system, which will contribute to a good quality product photo.You could also use a balancer for hand-held photography. This is convenient when working with different sized products. The camera position will differ too much to use a stationary position.


It is important for a photo to not need editing. The camera settings must be done so editing is not necessary. Most growers use a standard monitor. These monitors are excellent for daily work, but not for photo editing. This is due to the RGB values and ambient light. A photo file will therefore vary on different computers, even though the photo file remains the same. So ensure proper camera settings that eliminate the need for photo editing.

Questions regarding producing a good product photo

Do you have questions regarding making good product photos, or do you need custom advice? Contact Kees Helderman of KH Fotosupport or ask your question using the form below. We'll respond within 24 hours on working days.

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