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Meet Ties Persoon

He grew up among potted plants, began working in horticulture at a very young age, and joined Royal Brinkman after finishing his studies in Sports & Management. In 2017, he began as an internal agent for Asia, and he has since grown into his role as the account manager for Africa. As account manager, Ties has a very diverse package.

 “We go to great lengths for our clients. We sort out everything from A to Z, meaning no two days are alike. We help with the full purchase and logistics process on behalf of our clients, which means they can fall back on us for anything. In the end, the important thing is for our clients to get what it is they ordered, and that the process proceeds as smoothly as possible. That level of service is hugely appreciated.”
  • Travel to Africa

    Why does he enjoy working in this industry so much? “I think it is awesome to see that the Netherlands excel in horticulture – and that Royal Brinkman, in its globally active capacity in this field, has a role for me to play.”

    For his work, Ties often travels to Africa – part of what makes his work extra special. “I will never forget my first trip to Africa. You have to image that nearly everything is still done by hand, meaning that cutting companies need to employ actual hundreds of people. In addition, the cutting companies in Africa support the local communities – consisting of houses, daycares, schools, and hospital. And that is an inspiring thing to see.”

    Helping clients

    Ties gets most of his job satisfaction from helping clients: “Helping clients is a good thing, especially if you can do so physically, on site. This lets you see the issues facing growers, as well as potential areas of improvement in terms of efficiency. By coming up with fitting solutions, you can help to improve processes, yields, and businesses themselves. And the appreciation you receive in return really makes it worthwhile.” 

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