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Cut flower food

Cut flower food is used to ensure that the flowers open nicely when flowering and improves vase life. The flower also retains its shape, flower and leaf colour and fragrance by administering cut flower food. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of Chrysal food for cut flowers for professional horticulture.
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Chrysal Better Bloom Univ. liquid stick 1000*1L
Chrysal Better Bloom Univ. sachet 1000*0,5L INT
Chrysal Better Bloom Univ. sachet 1000*1L
Chrysal Better Bloom Univ. sachet 2000*0,5L INT
Chrysal Clear Bushes/Syringa nutrition (1000 bags) 1L
Chrysal Clear Prof 2 10l
Chrysal Clear Shruberry (900 black+gat)
Chrysal Clear cut flowers 5000 x 0.5l
Chrysal Prof. 2 Concentrated barrel 1*200L 5ml/L INT euro
Chrysal Prof. 2 T-Bag (2500 sachets of 1 liter)
Chrysal Prof. 2 T-Bag 800*2L INT euro
Chrysal Prof. 2 barrel 1*1000L 5ml/L NL/EN
Chrysal Prof. 3 Concentrated barrel 1*1000L 10ml/L INT
Chrysal Prof. 3 Concentrated barrel 1*200L 10ml/L INT euro
Chrysal Prof. 3 bucket 1*15kg INT
Chrysal Prof. 3 bucket 1*5kg INT
Chrysal Prof. 3 can 1*10L INT
Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bag (1250 sachets of 2 liters)
Chrysal Professional 2 T-Bag (string 2,500 sachets for 2L)
Chrysal Supreme Rose liquid stick 1000*1L
Chrysal Supreme Rose sachet 1000*1L
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Use of Chrysal cut flower food

Once cut, the cut flowers no longer have the substances supplied by the "mother plant". In order for the flower to bloom naturally and to improve vase life, the administration of cut flower food is very important. Chrysal cut flower food is available in many packaging forms and contents, from sachets of powder to liquid, from Universal to special cut flower food. All cut flowers benefit from the nutritional supplements in cut flower food. Chrysal cut flower food contains: acidity regulators, water absorption promoter and nutritional supplements. For example, the cut flower food contains all the necessary ingredients for complete bud development and helps to improve vase life by 60 percent compared to water. However, it is very important to administer the right amount of cut flower food. Under- and overdose have all the consequences. Under-dosage can lead to discoloration of the stem, stunted growth, limp petals and leaf discoloration. An overdose, on the other hand, can lead to leaf burning and/or discoloration of the stem. For this reason, always keep the quantity indicated on the sachet and use the correct amount of water. Our specialist will be happy to advice you about using the right cut flower food.

Different types of cut flower food

In general, Chrysal flower food is available in liquid and powder form. But what is the difference?
  • Liquid cut flower food mixes directly with the water and does not need to be stirred.
  • Clarity of the vase solution is very important if glass vases are used. This is the case when using liquid cut flower food.
  • Less packaging material is used for the packaging of liquid cut flower food: 25% less foil is needed than for the traditional powder sachets. 
Don't know which form is suitable for your situation? Please contact one of our specialists.

Quality controls

In cooperation with Chrysal, Royal Brinkman performs quality controls. Please contact one of our specialists for more information.

Buy Chrysal cut flower food

The range of cut flower food consists of a variety of products from our supplier Chrysal. Would you like to receive more information about cut flower preservative or to get a proper advice. Please contact one of our specialists. On working days we will contact you within 24 hours.
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