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DCM ECOR 7 (6-3-4 minigran®) (825) 25kg

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DCM ECOR 7 (6-3-4 minigran®) (825) 25kg

Item no. 150123215
pallet = 825 kg
pallet = 33 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Other organic fertilizer NPK 6-3-4;
mixture of organic raw materials with rock phosphate and Bacillus sp.

6% Total Nitrogen (N) of which:
6% organically bound nitrogen
3% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) totally soluble in mineral acid,
4% Potassium oxide (K2O) is soluble in water
64% Organic matter

Counts the nitrogen for the usage rate of 50%, the phosphate is 100%.

Contains bacteria. Bacillus sp. inter alia, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: 106 CFU / gram.

Approved for use in organic farming [contains only raw materials authorized in Annex I and II of the Regulation (EC) no. 889/2008 on organic production and changes]

- nitrogen-rich basic or top dressing on the basis of different vegetable raw materials with rock phosphate (= a mineral of natural origin)
- contains no animal products or animal manure
- extra Bacillus sp .: colonizing the rhizosphere and enables (bottom) of phosphorus-free and be absorbed by the plant roots
- for continuous growth, good rooting and quality of plants
- mild organic operation: ideal for potted crops, sowing and cutting substrates, spices ...
- organic nutrients are gradually released by the soil life for 75 to 100 days + formation of humus for better rooting and less leaching

MINIGRAN® TECHNOLOGY = a microgranules having dimensions between 800 and 2500 microns, of which at least 80% between 1000 and 2000 microns,
- homogeneously composed of mini-pinch
- up to 60% better distribution for homogeneous color and growth
- Faster start operation, while maintaining the long aftereffect
- with easily absorbable organic phosphorus coupons for better root development
- low-odor, low-dust application
- easy to use in all dosing and professional fertilizer spreaders

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