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DCM NK-MIX (10-8 minigran®) (900) 25kg

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DCM NK-MIX (10-8 minigran®) (900) 25kg

Item no. 150123170
pallet = 900 kg
pallet = 36 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Whole NK fertilizer from raw materials low in phosphorus
Ideal for lettuce and leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, floriculture and nursery:
Soils and crops where a phosphorus fertilization is no longer allowed for environmental reasons (high phosphorus rate according to soil analysis)
For crops with low phosphorus requirement
Fast-acting and long-acting organic nitrogen to a good start growth and continued growth
Long-acting organic potassium with continuous relief for good crop quality and no risk of salt shock
With additional molybdenum
For better protein synthesis = good conversion of nitrogen in the plant
For better and greener leaf development with fewer nitrates in leafy vegetables
Thanks to the homogeneity of composition and the small diameter of the MINIGRAN®-pinch both the N and K, but also the Mo evenly distributed over the bottom
For a good uptake by the roots and uniform growth and leaf color
Organic: nutrients are released by active soil life + formation of humic acids which makes for a better start to the crop by stimulating the rooting
Humus also increases the binding capacity, allowing nutrients better retained remain in the top layer of the soil and less quickly wash.

Technical data:
10% total nitrogen, of which:
1.5% ammonium nitrogen
3% urea nitrogen
5% organically bound nitrogen
0% total phosphorus, soluble in acid minderaal
8% potassium oxide, soluble in water
43% organic matter (loss on ignition)
Nitrogen will count towards the usage of 75%

DCM mat 25 kg bags - 36 bags on Euro pallet (= 900kg)

Operating instructions
The exact dose will depend on the needs of the crop, the time of application, the reserve power supply in the soil (soil decomposition) and the intensity of watering.

lettuce and other leafy vegetables           6-12 kg / 100 m²
Straw and settling down with the plant ready

When planting                                        8-15 kg / 100 m²
If exrta potassium fertilizer                      4-10 kg / 100 m²
Other vegetables: radish, herbs               6-10 kg / 100 m²
Fruit (strawberries, grapes, etc.)             8-15 kg / 100 m²
Nursery open field                                10-15 kg / 100 m²

For planting                                          10-15 kg / 100 m²
Maintenance Fertilization                        8-12 kg / 100 m²
Bulbs and tubers                                   10-15 kg / 100 m²
Grass Sports fields, golf courses, lawns

Maintenance                                          5-10 kg / 100 m²
Ask us specific advice tailored to your plants and growing system.

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