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Pre-treatment agents are important to ensure that the plant and flower look good even after harvesting. Pre-treatment agents should be used to prevent the buds from falling out or the leaves from wilting. By using pre-treatment agents you extend the (vase) life of the cut flowers.
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Pre-treatment agents 

Pre-treatment agents maintain and promote the condition of flowers after harvesting. A pre-treatment agent prevents buds, leaves or flowers from wilting and/or falling out prematurely. In addition, administration of pre-treatment agents leads to a longer vase life. Bacteria have no chance to develop in the water of the vase. Would you like to know more about why flowers should be treated with pre-treatment agents? Our specialist wrote an article about the importance of pre-treatment of harvested flowers.

In addition to the benefits of pre-treatment means, the use of such a means on many flower auctions mandatory. Pre-treatment agents provide a longer shelf life which is particularly useful in the distribution of flowers. In addition to the distribution, the retailer and consumer also benefit from the administration of pre-treatment agents, because the sales period may be longer.

Advantages of pre-treatment agents

The use of pre-treatment agents provides more flexibility in the context of distribution. This allows the plants to handle longer distribution. Because the flowers remain beautiful longer, a longer sales period is also possible. 

Differences of pre-treatment agents

Each flower requires a different remedy, but what remedy do you need? There are many different pre-treatment agents, such as Rosaflor, Florissant and Florever. Whereas Florissant is mainly used by large consumers for cut flowers as a substitute for a chlorine tablet, Chrysal RVB is mainly used in the cultivation of roses, Hydrangea and Bouvardia. At the Dutch auction treatment with RVB is mandatory for some flower species. When you choose for a pre-treatment, you have to take a number of factors into account. For example, a number of pre-treatment agents must be administered for the auction feed, such as the agent Chrysal CVBN. Always check which agents are mandatory to meet the requirements of the auction. In addition, auctions also advise a number of pre-treatment agents to be applied. However, it depends on your crop which pre-treatment agent is suitable or mandatory. Our specialist will explain it to you. 
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