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Luxous 1147 FR

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Luxous 1147 FR

Item no. 232100110
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Luxous 1147 FR is an energy saving Svensson shading screen. It provides more light without sacrificing optimal energy savings and moisture permeability. This shading screen ensures a better growing climate in the winter and offers the possibility to keep the screen closed during the day for several hours.

The energy saving shading screen is made of 100% polyester and is flame retardant.

Advantages Luxous 1147 FR shading screen 

  • Energy savings with maximum production thanks to the highest light transmission;
  • Less chance of crop damage due to better control of condensation;
  • Maximum light transmission, thanks to the small package size of the screen;
  • Flame retardant.

Characteristics Luxous 1147 FR shading screen

 Extent of shading at direct light PAR 11%
 Extent of shading at diffuse light PAR 19%
 Energy saving 47%
 Weight 53 g/m2

The above data were tested using the Svensson method.

Measurements Luxous 1147 FR shading screen

This Svensson shading screen is available in:

  • 4,30 m
  • 4,70 m
  • 5,20 m

Application Luxous 1147 FR shading screen

This shading screen can be used in hanging and sliding systems, with the aim of saving energy.

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