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Easygro Mn-DP 6% (10x1) 1kg

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Easygro Mn-DP 6% (10x1) 1kg

Item no. 150212306
can = 25 kg
can = 18,9 liter
pallet = 28 can
pallet = 700 kg
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Mn-DP 3.5% is a manganese chelate, which consists out of 3.5% manganese (Mn). In this fertilizer, the element manganese is bound to a DP chelate, which makes the intake of the element easier for the crop.

Manganese contributes to photosynthesis, the development of enzymes and the firmness of cell walls.

Make sure to prevent a shortage of manganese at all times.


Mn-DP 3.5% can be used when a shortage of manganese should be prevented. Only make use of these chelate when a clear need for manganese is seen in the plant. Do not exceed the dosage recommended.

The chelate is and remains available in a pH range between 5 and 9.


Easygro Mn-DP must be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated room.


Mn-DP 3.5% is available in cans of 25 kg.

EUH208 - Contains ethyleendiamine. Can cause allergic reactions.

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