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Easygro Zn-EDTA 15% (288) 1kg

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Easygro Zn-EDTA 15% (288) 1kg

Item no. 150212089
box = 18 kg
box = 18 pot
kg = 1 pot
kg = 1 bag
box = 18 kg
pallet = 288 kg
pot = 1 kg
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Easygro Zn-EDTA is a 15% zinc (Zn) fertilizer, which is bound to an EDTA chelate. This keeps the element zinc in the solution or in the root environment better absorbable for the plant.

Zinc is a building block for enzymes and is important for the production of auxin hormone.


Use Zn-EDTA 15% to prevent a shortage of zinc. It is also important not to get excess zinc into the crop. Easygro Zn-EDTA is available at a pH between 5-9.


Easygro Zn-EDTA 15% should be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area. Only to be used in case of obvious need. Do not exceed the dosage recommended.


Easygro Zn-EDTA 15% is available in:

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