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Menno florades IBC 1000 ltr

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Menno florades IBC 1000 ltr

Item no. 181210323
box = 1000 liter
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Menno Florades (formerly Menno Clean) is a powerful disinfectant with a effect against bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids. Menno Florades is based on Benzoic acid and has been specially developed for horticulture and is therefore specifically tested for plant pathogenic pathogens. It's the only approved disinfectant for horticulture in the Netherlands with a PPP authorisation. It does not contain any constituents of quaternary ammonium compounds.

Because of the plant friendliness and quick operation, knives and scissors can also be disinfected regularly during harvesting work. In addition, the agent can be used widely as a disinfectant for greenhouse stands, cultivation tables, containers, carts, barrels, pots, machines, etc. Menno Florades is also used in hygiene stations and Flexxolution mats for the disinfection of footwear and transport wheels. even when used regularly, materials are not affected by corrosion.

The correct dosage of Menno Florades depends on the diseases that need to be controlled and the contact time that can be reached. In practice, a solution with a dosage of 2 - 4% is recommended. The activity of the agent is easily measurable via the pH value of the solution, which is effective at pH 3.0 to 4.5. This can be measured using a pH indicator paper or a pH meter. When the pH of the solution has increased, extra product can be added to restore an effective disinfection solution.

Menno florades offers the possibility to apply foam. This in order to achieve a longer exposure time and also gives a good visual check which parts have been (un)treated.

Advantages of Menno Florades

  • any disinfectant for horticulture with GBM approval
  • effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids
  • effective against resting traces
  • stable solution
  • long-term effectiveness
  • measurable effectiveness
  • harmless to materials
  • neutral odour
  • environment-friendly
  • long durability

Product specifications

Active substance: Benzoic acid (90 g/l)  

Approval number: 15526 N   

Formulation: water miscible concentrate

Application: contact medium

Application method: (foam) spraying, casting, dipping, brushing

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