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DCM Seaweed Calcium (granule) (1200) 20kg

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DCM Seaweed Calcium (granule) (1200) 20kg

Item no. 150123232
pallet = 1200 kg
pallet = 60 bag
bag = 20 kg
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DCM Seaweed Chalk (granule) is smooth and easily spreadable, and the lime has a soft action and excellent solubility. It is a universally applicable product, which is suitable for the vegetable garden, orchard, ornamental garden and pond. It is also approved for use in organic agriculture and horticulture.


  • Rapidly increases the pH of the soil (rapid deacidification), thanks to high neutralising value (NW 50)
  • Improves soil structure
  • Strengthens plant cells  
  • Activation of the soil life present
  • Quickly soluble and easily spreadable grain
  • Reduced risk of deficiency symptoms by improving the absorption of nutritional elements
  • Authorized for use in organic farming [contains only raw materials authorised in Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 on organic production method and amendments].


 Neutralizing value (NW) 50
 Calcium oxide total (CaO) 45%


DCM Seaweed Chalk can be used for, among other things, organic crops (in greenhouse horticulture) and in orchards. Use this fertilizer for rapid deacidification of the soil, to improve soil structure, activate soil life and strengthen plant cells.


 Application Dosage

 -Coal and leaf crops
 -Fruit vegetables and tuber vegetables

 -15 to 30 kg/100 m2 (function of pH-analysis)
 -10 to 25 kg/100 m2 (function of pH-analysis)

 Fruits/small fruit (strawberry, ...) -10 to 25 kg/100 m2 (function of pH-analysis)

 Tree nursery full ground

 -10 to 25 kg/100 m2 (function of pH-analysis)

 Floriculture (cut flowers, flowering plants)

 -10 to 25 kg/100 m2 (function of pH-analysis)

 Potting soil

 -2.5 kg/1 m3 potting soil

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