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Bio Hopper XL

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Bio Hopper XL

Item no. 941900073
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Bio Hopper XL

The Bio Hopper Series are very versatile crop rotation machines, which are used for removing all kinds of crops, substrates, groundcovers and films. These crop rotation machines are used in horticultural greenhouses mainly for the clearing of tomato leaves, cucumber crops, tomato crops, rockwool slabs, perlite bags and groundcovers. In soft fruit nurseries they are mainly used for clearing strawberry and raspberry crops on coir slabs or pots. These waste processing machines work with transport mats (pull-out canvas) to transport the material to the machine. The Bio Hoppers are equipped with an extremely robust multifunctional conveyor, which enables these machines to work trouble-free and at high speed.

Waste logistics:
There are several possibilities for the collection and transport of the materials. With the XL models one can work with tipping containers, hydraulic tipping containers, or a foliage clamp combined with a tow-container. The choice often depends on the available equipment (forklift truck, wheel loader, telescopic handler). For the the EXTF models the material is collected in large volume dump trucks or tippers, which leads to a minimum of transport movements.

The Bio Hopper Series contains several variants with different drives. The Bio Hopper XL is available with PTO drive, electric drive, or a diesel engine. The EXTF models are PTO driven. Other models can be engineered on request.

The Bio Hopper XL or the Bio Hopper XLE is in many cases the best choice for vegetable growers. For growers and contractors whom go for speed and functionality there is the self-propelled Bio Hopper Compact. For soft fruit nurseries in glasshouses we recommend the Bio Hopper XL PLUS750. This machine is standard equipped with flights on the conveyor belt. This ensures that short voluminous crops, such as strawberry plants in pots, are elevated without rolling back. The EXTF series is particularly suitable for soft fruit nurseries where crops are grown in polytunnels. With these machines one can efficiently clear crops and substrates with a minimum of transport movements. The conveyor belt of these machines is hydraulically foldable, which makes the EXTF easy to transport. The EXTF-SC is furthermore equipped with a right angle discharge conveyor, which makes it possible to fully fill large tippers.

Standaard equipment:

  • Standard guide tube (2x)
  • Crop conveyor belt with canvas
  • In height adjustable drawbar eye: Cat.2-Ø25,7 / Cat.3-Ø37,6
  • Folding jockey wheel
  • Onboard hydraulic unit driven by PTO
  • Safety doors

Extra options:

  • Guide roll with bearings
  • Flights on the conveyor belt
  • Lighting
  • Transport canvas with steel core
  • Onboard hydraulic unit driven by electric motor 10hp-7,5kW 400V 3 phase

Technical specifications:

Main dimensions in transport position LxWxH4945x 1750 x 1901 mmMax. length of transport mat 160 m
Gauge1000 mmHydraulic working pressure120-180 bar
Tire dimensions24.0×13.00-12 (2x)Hydraulic flow30-80 liter/min
Bodemvrijheid200 mmSupply voltage12-24 VDC
Processing capacity3000-7500 m2/u (depending on circumstances)Weight1150 kg

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