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Ground cloth cleaner

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Ground cloth cleaner

Item no. 941900313
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This cloth wash cleaning installation ensures thorough cleaning of the pull out core cloths. Soil and stubborn dirt are removed from the cloth by means of brushes, scrapers and sprayers. The preventive cleaning of transport mats also reduces the risk of possible virus transmission via the transport mats within vegetable cultivation.

For the cleaning of ground cover different systems are available. This cloth washer is the most thorough in its kind and contains different work processes like:

  • 2-sided jetting
  • 2-sided scraping
  • 2-sided brushing and spreading by means of 6 professional washing brushes
  • Automatic aligning system for rolling off mats
  • Constant cloth speed for optimal washing result

Optionally the cloth washer can be equipped with a disinfection system.

Technical specifications

Length3,850 mm
Width2,300 mm
Height1,500 mm
Maximum width ground cover1,300
Speed (m/min)12
Water consumption (m3/hour)2.5 (Depending on number of sprayers used)


  • Entirely in Inox
  • Easily movable by forklift or shovel
  • Actuated by electric engines, total capacity 7 kW, 400 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
  • Fitted with on/off switches and thermal protections


Suitable foliage pull core fabric:

Usually, ground cover is used during multiple cultivation seasons. In that case it is important that you clean and disinfect the cloth using disinfection agent before every new cultivation Menno Florades. That way you prevent diseases and plagues from remaining in the greenhouse and the new crop from getting contaminated.

For more information about the use of Ground cover and the Disinfection you can consult our knowledge center.

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