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Vermiculite 2 (30) [0-3mm] 100 L

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Vermiculite 2 (30) [0-3mm] 100 L

Item no. 300902026
pallet = 3000 liter
pallet = 30 bag
bag = 100 liter
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The product Vermiculite is a sterile mineral. The mineral is formed at a high temperature and contains a lot of air. This allows the product to hold a lot of water and nutrients and releases them to the plants when they need them. Vermiculite is important for seed, cutting and propagation growers.

The physical properties of Vermiculite:

  • inorganic and sterile;
  • low volume weight;
  • free of germs, seeds, insects and nematodes;
  • high cation binder (CEC);
  • high moisture retention capacity.

Vermiculite no. 2 + 3 is especially made for rock wool blocks and plugs. Vermiculite no. 4 is relevant for Lily and Amaryllus growers because of the "scaling method". The content is 100 l/bag. At > 50 bales it is directly sent from the supply.

DescritptionGrain sizePackaging
Vermiculite nr. 20-3 mm100 liter

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