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Spare parts finder

The spare parts finder helps you to find the right spare part for your machine or installation. Select the right group, brand and type of part, and then easily find the required part using the reference number on the corresponding exploded view of the machine! Can't find your reference number in the product list? Please contact your local account manager.

Spare parts for greenhouses

Royal Brinkman launches a new online tool: the Spare parts finder. With this handy and unique tool, you can find the right component for a machine or installation in just three steps. This makes it a lot easier and faster to find the right spare part. Growers can use this tool through the Royal Brinkman webshop.

When using the tool, you only have to go through three steps to select the right machine or installation. Subsequently, the Spare parts finder provides an overview of the available components for the selected machine or installation. The explosion drawing is also displayed, which makes it easy to select the correct item and order it from the webshop using the reference number. The Spare parts finder offers you more convenience, which causes a malfunction to be resolved many times faster. Discover more advantages of this website, and learn how to make optimal use of royalbrinkman.com.
At this moment the spare parts finder has already over 15.000 spare parts for:
Climate computer, valve horticulture, broken valves, automatic filter, Tray Sulfer evaporator, Benomic, Berg, Berg Hortimotive, Bermad, Bio Chopper, Bio Chopper Compact, Birchmeier, flower processing, Boons, Brinkman, Pipe rail trolley, carts broken, compressor, Connext, creemers, Cyclop, D3, DiBO, Dosatron, Dosatron D3, Dosatron D8, Dosatron broken, Drager, ECA, ECA unit, binding machine, E-lite, Elmeco, Bucket filler, Empas, Empas pump, Enbar, Enbar LVM, filter, Gas-fired heater, Halter, Hand spray, Hebo, Holland Heater, fittings, Hygiene station, Jesco, K30, K40, Heater, Kemerling plastics, valves, Lowara pump, Lutz, Lutz-Jesco, LVM, machine, machine greenhouse, Mechanical equipment, measure equipment, measuring box, Mega Bio Chopper, Meteotech, Nivola, harvest trolley, pump horticulture, Priva, Pulsfog, PVC, control gear, control cabinet, Royal Brinkman, screen systems, cleaning machine dibo, substrate, horticulture.

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