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Drainflex PVC with wrapping 60mm pp450 150M

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Drainflex PVC with wrapping 60mm pp450 150M

Item no. 090600606
roll = 150 meter
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Drainflex PVC with winding

The tubes are flexible and yellow in colour. The Drainflex system has excellent draining characteristics and offers a complete solution. Drainflex can be supplied with or without perforations in various diameters. Different types of sheathing are possible.

Important properties of Drainflex

  • Good stiffness to external pressure, no flattening
  • Good mechanical strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Low weight

The properties are due to the very specific combination of profiling and wall thickness. The high quality of the tubing material enables a long service life of Drainflex. The draining properties of Drainflex tubes are excellent. The perforations are in the ridge section valley. In this way, there is a favourable inflow and the risk of silting up is low. The discharge capacity is high.

Drainflex is supplied on rolls of large length. The number of joints is therefore limited and the pipe can be laid quickly.

Drainflex systems are used for:

  • Preventing flooding of agricultural land
  • Drainage of sports fields, industrial and construction sites
  • Terminal and road drainage
  • Improvement of the soil structure
  • Soil decontamination
  • Groundwater level control

Based on a large number of standards and assessment guidelines for the Drainflex system in diameters up to 125mm, the KOMO label has been obtained. The German standard is used for diameters 160mm and 200mm (DIN1187).

Why is a casing needed?

  • Enlarging the perimeter of the tube
  • To prevent soil flushing into the drain tube
  • To promote the flow of groundwater from the ground into the drain pipe for the promotion of groundwater flow from the ground.
  • Reduce the risk of damage during transport and installation
  • Applicable in underwater drainage
  • Material wrapping: polypropylene fiber

Diameter (mm): 60
Wrapping class: 450
Roll length(m): 150

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