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Hydraulic buffer container Bio Chopper compact 3000 liter

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Hydraulic buffer container Bio Chopper compact 3000 liter

Item no. 941900001
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This Buffer container creates a logistic buffer behind the Bio Chopper Compact shredder during the crop rotation. The eventual workspeed of the clearout and&nbsshredding of horticulture crop is substantially increased as no waiting is not required for an empty container. The buffer also ensures some relaxation during the application of the crop, because there is more time for the emptying of a container. The 3800 liter tipping container is an ideal combination for this buffer container. 

Advantages for you

  • No waiting for an empty container. 
  • Logistic buffer.
  • Clearing out and shredding is done at fast pace.
  • Relaxation during application of the crop. 
  • Good control over the emptying of the buffer container.

Use and Application
The rear valve and the conveyor belt are controlled by remote control by the fork life driver, ensuring the full control with regard to the emptying of the buffer container. The buffer is also easily adjustable in  height using draulics, so the machine has limited height regarding the transport and possible low passages. 

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Technical specifications

MaterialSteelHeight233.5 cm
ColorBlueWidth155.7 cm
Length357.5 cm
Weight1200 kg

Other specifications

  • Support wheel, Hydraulic hoses with emergency shut-off valves.
  • Wireless remote control
  • Max. content buffer (m³): 3.0
  • Power pack (V, W): 12, 2500
  • Options: Galvanized buffer container.
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