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Johnson circulation pump CombiLine CL 80-160 1,1kw

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Johnson circulation pump CombiLine CL 80-160 1,1kw

Item no. W00003574
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Johnson circulation pump CombiLine CL 32-125 

In-line circulation pump with dry motor 
The CombiLine is suitable for handling low-viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated liquids 
Suction and discharge connections are in-line allowing easy installation in piping system. 

Pump specifics

  • Compact and modular design
  • With mechanical seal
  • Dry shaft construction by means of shaft sleeve
  • Closed impeller
  • Specially designed low NPSH suction inlet casing
  • Vertical and Horizontal mounting (floor and wall)


Technical data

  • Pump casing: Cast iron
  • Impaller: cast iron
  • Maximum capacity: 400 m3/h 
  • Maximum delivery head: 28 m 
  • Maximum temperature: 140°C 
  • Maximum operating pressure: 6-10 bar 
  • Nominal motor speed: 1 450 rpm 
  • Motor voltage 230/400V 50HZ


In the attached pdf you will find specifications of the available types.


TypeMotor kwND  NWIEC
CL 32-1250.13ND 63263
CL 40C-1250.13ND 64063
CL 40C-1250.18ND 64063
CL 40C-1250.25ND 64071
CL 40C-1250,37ND 64071
CL 40-1600.25ND 64071
CL 40-1600.37ND 64071
CL 40-1600.55ND 64080
CL 50-1250.25ND 65071
CL 50-1250.37ND 65071
CL 50-1600,25ND 65071
CL 50-1600.37ND 65071
CL 50-1600.55ND 65080
CL 65-1250.25ND 66571
CL 65-1250.37ND 66571
CL 65-1250.55ND 66580
CL 65-1600.55ND 66580
CL 65-1600.75ND 66580
CL 65-1601.1ND 66580
CL 80-1250.55ND 68080
CL 80-1250.75ND 68080
CL 80-1251.1ND 68090
CL 80-1601.1ND 68090
CL 80-1601.5ND 68090
CL 80-1602.2ND 680100
CL 100-1500.75ND 610080
CL 100-1501.1ND 610090
CL 100-1501.5ND 610090
CL 100-1601.5ND 610090
CL 100-1602.2ND 6100100
CL 100-1603ND 6100100
CL 125-1601,5ND 10125100
CL 125-1602.2ND 10125100
CL 125-1603ND 10125100
CL 125-1604ND 10125112
CL 125-1605,5ND 10125132
CL 125C-2004ND 10125112
CL 125C-2009,20ND 10125132

*This product is supplied without gaskets, flanges and nuts and bolts.
One gasket is required per flange.*

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