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Alarm buzzer external 75dB 12V/70-20mA

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Alarm buzzer external 75dB 12V/70-20mA

Item no. 081602983
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The Octalarm-IP is a versatile alarm detector with clear operation. Alarms are sent by voice, SMS, pager or e-mail message to the set recipient. For extra security, the detector is available redundantly or alarms are sent to a manned control room. Furthermore, the detectors can be linked to the Adesys Control Centre (ACC) for internet programming and monitoring of the entire alarm chain.



  • Wall model, also suitable for placement on a table (WxHxD = 233x174x55mm)
  • Monitoring the detector and the telephone line from the internet application (ACC)
  • Up to 40 call numbers with adjustable dialing sequence per input
  • Adjustable and readable via internet (with standard web browsers)
  • Action and recovery notification to fixed or mobile phone by means of self-recorded message
  • Action and recovery notification to (alpha) numeric pager, mobile phone and text message
  • Notification message to e-mail address via Ethernet and/or GPRS network (only for A-line)
  • Action and recovery notifcation to manned control room with UMO, caller monitoring by means of keep-alive messages.
  • Menu controlled selectable via display or Ethernet (UTP) port with your web browser
  • Day and night mode and weekend program for alternative call numbers
  • Local telephone line monitoring with signaling
  • Extended datalogger for the latest actions (with date and time)
  • Emergency power supply by means of internal NiMH battery with battery monitoring and trickle charger
  • Built-in alarm buzzer, connection for external signaling
  • To be combined with Adesys' ARA alarm recording and handling system.

Specifications Alarm buzzer construction

  • Varying tone
  • Volume 108/ 95/ 75 dB
  • 12 V
  • 70-20 mA
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