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Spray Boom

Spray booms are an important part of today's spray treatments for the application of crop protection agents in professional greenhouse horticulture. Royal Brinkman offers vertical and horizontal spray booms in combination with wheel and tubular rail bases.
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Alugo boom bracket 25mm
Alumax pressure filter 1 / 2 "2 conn
Alumax pressure filter 1 / 2 "4 conn
Arag filter 316 2"50 mesh
Belt for pressor hose
Chassis vertical sprayboom - flange rolls (c.t.c. 425)
Chassis vertical sprayboom 4 wheel massive rubber
Double Spray Boom with 30 nozzles Stainless Steel
Filter 1/2" + 1/2 mtr. hose + 2 couplings + mounting bracket
Mite applicator Bug-tube
Nozzle holder 1/4 "Ms Straight QJ
Screening filter 40 mesh sieve for persf.4 conn
Spray boom Stainless steel - 18 nozzle - 290cm
Sprayboom extension - 6x nozzles - 120cm
Sprayboom vertical 10 nozzles - excl. chassis
Sprayboom vertical 12 nozzles - excl. chassis
Sprayboom vertical 14 nozzles - excl. chassis
Sprayboom vertical 16 nozzles - excl. chassis
Sprayboom vertical 18 nozzles - excl. chassis
Sprayboom vertical 6 nozzles - excl. chassis
Sprayboom vertical 8 nozzles - excl. chassis
Stop 1/4 "stainless steel
T-Piece 1/4 "stainless steel
TeeJet dripping membrane viton
chassis vertical sprayboom - flange rolls ctc 55
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Greenhouse spray boom

Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of spray booms from renowned brands such as Alumax and Empas BV. Vertical boom sprayers are mainly used in ornamental crops such as roses and carnations and vegetable crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. With the help of a spray boom you can achieve an optimal penetration of the crop protection product. Especially in low-growing crops it is important that there are enough nozzles or nozzles at the bottom. The nozzles are fully rotatable, allowing you to adjust the spray angle. Want to know which nozzle you need? Then read our tips from our specialist for choosing the right nozzle.

Maintenance of a spray boom

Regular maintenance of a spray boom is very important for the spray pattern and dispensing. Failure to do so can negatively affect the spray pattern and dispersion, as a result of which crop protection agents cannot reach the crop optimally. In particular, the nozzles and filters of the spray boom are an important part of the maintenance of the pylons. Regular maintenance and checks reduce the use of crop protection agents, prolong the lifespan, reduce the risk of exposure and reduce the risk of environmental pollution. 

Buying a spray boom

When you want to buy a new spray boom, you need to think about some important aspects. The choice for a certain type of greenhouse spray boom depends on the crop you are growing. Then it is important to determine the required length of the spray boom, so that you always spread the crop protection products over the correct surface area. Moreover, the required number of nozzles is important for a uniform distribution. Finally, you can choose between the material of the spray boom: stainless steel or aluminium. Would you rather have personal advice about the right spray boom? Please contact one of our Mechanical equipment specialists. They will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities and help you make the right choice. 
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