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Telescope pipe for monorail 100cm

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Telescope pipe for monorail 100cm

Item no. 940005654
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The Internal transport and harvesting of various products can be performed by means of monorail transport. Different types of monorail trolleys can be supplied for this. A standard monorail trolley consists of:

  • Monorail upper carriage executed with 4 monorail wheels or 2 diabolic rolls
  • Monorail suspension pipe long 100 cm (pipe O 36x31 mm)
  • Monorail ascidian long 100 cm or 150 cm (pipe O 30x25 mm)
  • Monorail window (various dimensions and designs)

A monorail trolley can also be executed with a double upper carriage. The great advantage of harvesting by use of a monorail trolley is:

  • During the harvesting the hands remain available for harvesting
  • Much more harvesting packages can be taken up per harvesting operation
  • No damage to the crop due to the harvesting carts
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Monorail window is 360 degrees rotatable
  • Monorail trolley runs across a pipe O 51, 57 or 60 mm
  • Monorail window is height adjustable
  • Time saving
  • Load reduction

The monorail frames are available in every size and design, however there is a number of standard designs. Also for certain cultivations there are separate monorail frames such as for the carnations (by means of tarp rack) and pot plants.

Please note: This product will be custom-made for you, therefore, the product cannot be returned.

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