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The specialists of Royal Brinkman

Royal Brinkman is a worldwide horticultural supplier, consultant and installer with specialised knowledge of professional horticulture. The range of products includes approximately 30 000 items that helps to improve the yield of our customers' crops. Those products are supported by a team of experienced and dedicated product specialists with specialised knowledge. 

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  • Personal Knowledge Partner

    Royal Brinkman develops new products and innovations by bringing growers, suppliers and other institutions in the horticultural sector in contact with each other. By combining knowledge in all its specialisations, Royal Brinkman creates innovative solutions in the field of sustainability, hygiene, integrated crop protection and water management.

    As a personal knowledge partner, we operate closely with growers. In addition to product specialisation, we also have consultants who are specialised in themes such as hygiene, dehumidification, climate control and water. With all these experts inhouse, we guarantee our customers a complete advice.

The biggest Knowledge center in horticulture

Did you know that all our specialists share their knowledge through the Royal Brinkman Knowledge center? The Royal Brinkman Knowledge center has grown into the biggest Knowledge center in horticutlure. It now contains over 600 articles created by the specialists in the field. The Knowledge center answers all your questions related to your crop. Whether you are looking for a step-by-step plan for the crop rotation, or whether you are looking for information on hygiene or disinfection, our specialists are available online 24/7.

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