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Drip Hoses

Drip hoses ensure a constant water supply (number of litres per minute) and are mainly used for the irrigation of various crops. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of different drip hoses for professional horticulture.

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Irrigation hose as part of the watering drip system

The irrigation hose for drip irrigation is of great value to many growers in professional greenhouse horticulture. An irrigation hose, or a tyleen hose, is a watering hose that gives a constant number of liters of water per minute to the plant, by drip irrigation. The drip hose is used in an irrigation system for a wide variety of crops. Are you looking for new irrigation hoses? Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of different irrigation hoses in different sizes and lengths used for drip irrigation. Moreover, you can choose from a irrigation hose for a capillary irrigation system, labyrinth irrigation system or an inline irrigation system.

Using an irrigation hose for drip irrigation

In order to achieve the highest possible yield and quality, it is important that you handle a irrigation hose in the right way. For example, the drip irrigation system must be at the right temperature for at least 24 hours: a minimum of at least 15 °C and maximum 25 °C. Read more about the use and operation of a irrigation hose hereThe contamination of a drip system also has a negative influence on the water flow and therefore on the quality of the crop. That is why you need to clean a drip system including drip hoses on a regular basis. 

Buy drip hoses

Irrigation by means of a drip irrigation allows you as a grower to achieve maximum yield and quality with minimal use of water and fertilizers. Are you planning to buy new drip hoses? Then take into account a number of points, namely the colour, the diameter, the punch distance, the type of dripper, the pressure range and the existing pumping installation. Our specialists will explain the most important factors when choosing a drip tube. Would you like personal advice on drip hoses? Please contact one of our specialists. Our complete range of drip hoses for drip systems can easily be found online. Our specialists are experts in the field of drip irrigation and are happy to help you making the right choice.
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