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Netafim PCJ High-CNL 3ltr+50+Prevo-black

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Netafim PCJ High-CNL 3ltr+50+Prevo-black

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The Kameleon-High dripper is a pressure compensated, closing dripper with a high opening pressure. This dripper is the most advanced one offered by Netafim and guarantees maximum accuracy in irrigation. The pressure compensating effect gives a very even delivery of drips for long pipe lengths as well as short droplet point systems. The closing function prevents the irrigation tube form emptying when the system pressure drops out. Even with a normal slope in the greenhouse, the irrigation tube is prevented from emptying. Due to these properties, short drips are possible without loss of uniformity. 

Refresh/ reels

The Kameleon-High dripper is eligible for frequent refresh or rinsing of the feed water. The high opening pressure keeps the dripper closed during rinsing. This doesn’t only have technical benefits such as easy removal of dirt but also profits can be achieved from a cultivation point of view. Research shows that oxygen in the irrigation water will disappear after a period of time due to the converting of ammonium into nitrite. The pH decreases as a result, which may cause negative effects for the growth. The Kameleon-High makes it possible to change low oxygen water before casting. Even if a different fertilizer composition is required or the irrigation water has become too hot, the cultivation system can be easily flushed out. Finally, thanks to the Kameleon-High, plant protection products can be concentrated: before dossing, the system is filled up first and after that the exact dosage can be given.
The pressure regulating membrane of the Kameleon-High is made of silicone and is created by injection moulding. This increases the consistency and allows cleaning with chlorine products. The Kameleon-High drippers have their own color coding for dispensing, due to this it can be easily differentiated from the standard Kameleon drippers. Kameleon-High drippers can be supplied with straight Prevo pins or angled paper cutters. The Rapier stake in combination with a short microtube provides a hose that will stay low. This greatly reduces the risk of cutting or bending the hose. Prevo pins also allow colored plugs to be installed alternately. 


  • The pressure compensated effect allows drippers to give a consistent delivery of 1.5 / 1.8 and 3.5 bar. This makes the drippers eligible for long distances.
  • Due to the self-closing effect, the hose remains full of water even when the tap is closed; with normal slope, this prevents the hose from emptying at its lowest point.
  • Due to the high opening pressure, it’s very eligible to flush dirt, hot water, oxygen-free water or water with an unwanted fertilizer composition.
  • Possibility of precise application of plant protection products.
  • Very suitable for large crane compartments
  • Own color coding, which makes it easy to separate
  • Equipped with inlet filter
  • Equipped with silicone membrane
  • Delivered with straight Prevo pins or hooked Rapier stake in either blue or black color


The application of the Kameleon-High lies in modern glasshouse vegetable and floriculture, where growers want to further optimize the growing conditions and the maximum accuracy in the irrigation requirements. In addition, this dripper is used where there is a desire to flush the dripper system.

Technical information

DeliverySee chart
Opening pressure1,0 / 1,3 bar
Maximum pressure while flushing0,8 bar
Closing pressure0,18 bar
Filtration130 micron (crane set)
80 micron (main filtration)
Materialsilicone (membraan)
Translucent catch-up filter0,61 mm (610 micron)
in the shape of 2 moons

Delivery and pressure per Kameleon-High dripper

Delivery (liter/hour)ColorMin. Working pressure (bar)

Max. Working pressure (bar)

Opening pressure (bar)Max. Flush pressure (bar)Closing pressure (bar)

Installation and maintenance

  • For tips on storage. Installation and usage, read ‘’General advice on drip systems’’.
  • The Kameleon-High is particularly suitable for installations that are flushed out frequently. By a short daily flush before the first drip, the water is changed and the dirt removed.
  • The Kameleon-High drippers can be cleaned with acid, peroxide and/ or chlorine products. (see ‘’Cleaning and care for dripping systems’’ for more information).
  • Used drippers can be checked at Revaho on request for release, opening and closing pressure and the quality of the membrane.
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