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Spraystake grey 360 ° + knee-for 20-25ltr

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Spraystake grey 360 ° + knee-for 20-25ltr

Item no. 792029515
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The Spraytake is a simple but effective spray pin, which allows larger pots to be effectively irrigated. The Spraytake plate is designed so the water splits into the pot. The spraytake is provided with a plug, which can temporarily block the water dispensing, for example, if a jar is removed.

The spraytake 12 liter/hour can be mounted on a 12 liter / hour CNL dripper, resulting in pressure compensated and sealing action. Applications on slopes are therefore possible without the hose running empty.


  • Three different colours / models, with increasing water release
  • Good distribution of water inside the pot
  • Provided with plug for temporary block of water dispensing
  • Very easy to clean (in case of clogging)
  • Manufactured from durable plastic material, high resistance to UV light
  • Optional with or without extension

Nurseries, garden center and growers of tub plants.

Technical data

Release (at 1 bar)12 liter/hour(Yellow)
17 liter/hour (Green)
22 liter/hour (Black)
Maximal pressure2 bar
Minimal pressure0,8 bar
Spray angle130 degrees
Range (radius)20 cm (or 50 cm with extension piece)
Filtration200 micron (Crane set)
130 micron (Head filtration)
Combinations12 liter/hour Spraytake with 12 liter/hour CNL
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