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Priva Compact 530

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Priva Compact 530

Item no. 999700001
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Basic controls for climate and water dosage
The Priva Connext process computer has a smaller version from today, namely the Priva Compact. This computer incorporates the basic controls for climate and water dosage in combination with a simple operation. It provides you a reliable and user friendly base in climate control and is suitable for controlling various greenhouse complexes.

Proven horticulture technology
The Priva Compact is a reliable process computer with proven horticulture technology. You can rely on the knowledge and expertise that Priva has gained from 50 years of experience in the horticulture industry.

Controls tailored to your business operations
The Priva Compact includes the right controls for the applications that are most frequently used in your company. Examples of this include various controls for: ventilation, heating, curtains, CO2, fans, humidification, lighting, boiler, water dosage, fertiliser dosage, and the option to reuse drain water. Naturally, all of these controls are completely in tune with each other. The result is a computer that fits perfectly with your automation needs.

Clear and simple operation
Naturally, the Priva Compact has the ease of operation that you can expect from Priva. The operating program Priva Office Direct allows you to operate the Priva Compact very easily. You can choose monochrome and/or colour controls. The colour controls have a clear and graphic appearance, which increases the ease of use and the way that everything works is immediately clear too. You can fully customize the controls to suit your own preferences and operating situation.

Upgrading to the Priva Connext
The Priva Compact includes the right controls for the applications that are most frequently used in your company. As your company grows with buffers, CHPs and silo management, for example, the need for more advanced horticulture technology grows too. In the past it was customary to replace the entire process computer and suffer the serious financial consequences that this entailed. The Priva Compact allows you to easily upgrade to the Priva Connext, which is the most advanced process computer available at this time. The complete installation is retained, resulting in significant savings in labour costs. Examples of this are the absence of installation costs and commissioning costs. The Priva Compact is the leg-up towards your next ambition.

Energy savings
In addition, the Priva Compact can offer you energy savings up to 15%. The Priva Compact calculates in advance the required amount of energy needed to fulfill your climate strategy. This will prevent afterwards adjustments as much as possible allowing energy savings.

More information
For more information about the Priva Compact 530, please contact your Brinkman area manager or contact Royal Brinkman International:
+31 174 446 100

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