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Gas fired heater HHB 40kW

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Gas fired heater HHB 40kW

Item no. W90001732
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Gasfired heater, type HHB 40kW

The HHB gas/propane direct fired heater is an innovative and effective solution to heat greenhouses.
More than 40 years of experience and knowledge resulted in a durable and highly efficient air heater. After all, what is not without significance for you as an entrepreneur, HHB heaters are available at a very good price  performance ratio.

Your benefits:

  • Efficient direct fired heaters with 100% profitability
  • All produced heat is maximum used to heat up the greenhouse. The heater is suitable  to
  • produce CO2 which improves the growth of the crop. 
  • Operation possibilities of this heater by means of a climate control system.
  • Throw length more than 40 meters
  • Less noise due to an optimized  heater design
  • Multiple security checks for safe usage:
    - wind vane switch checks if the ventilator is running properly
    - ionization flame sensor controls the combustion
    - maximum thermostat switches the burner off in cause the temperature in the air heater gets   too high


Type: HHS           
Rated loadkW4070100120
K. cal.34.30060.20086.000103.200
Airmovement                                       m³/u3800500065006500
Electric consumptionAmp.1,31,82,752,75
Gasconsumption propanekg/u2,95,46,58,1
Gasconsumption naturalm³/u4,37,510,813,0
Engine powerWatt265375620620
Revolution speed engineT p/m1330140014001400
Measurements (lxwxh)mm1036x 582x5091105x 637x5801152x 689x6241152x 689x624
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