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Dorot 75ST 2" - 3 way - 24VAC

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Dorot 75ST 2" - 3 way - 24VAC

Item no. 017600950
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Dorot 75 3-way ST 2" straight 24 VAC - 50/60Hz

The 3-way version of the Dorot series 75 is available in 1 1/2''-3'' version with a maximum capacity of 45 m3/hour. As with the 2-way version, a flow restrictor is optional. It can be controlled by water or air pressure. The design of the valve prevents water hammering, even with quick shut-off. The tap is suitable for use in dirty water. The 3-way taps can also be used as automatic pressure reducing valves and as float valves.


  • Lowest flow resistance in its class 
  • Resistant to fertilizers 
  • Can be steered both hydrolysis and airborne 
  • Prevents water hammering 
  • Available as a 'normal open' or 'normal closed' valve. 
  • Available with industrial coil or agricultural coil. 
  • Can be built up with pilot schemes 

Technical data

Max. operating pressure

10 bar
Min. operating pressure0,7 bar
Max. capacity43 m3/uur 
Materialpolyamide, stainless steel (reinforced)


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