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Chrysal CVBN refill (3200 tablets)

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Chrysal CVBN refill (3200 tablets)

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Improved pretreatment in table form for Gerbera, Germini en different varieties of Sunflowers.
Chrysal CVBN is pretreatment product for growers, bouquetmakers en florists. The Chlorine tablet is easy to use en resolves quickly and odorless in water. Chrysal CVBN is not harmfull to flowers and keeps the quality of the flower and the leaf. It also neutralizes the damaging Narcissusglue in mixed bouquets. It’s suitable for all watertypes. Preferrably to use with tapwater. Dose the chlorinetablets by hand or automatically.


  • Decreases loss.
  • Increases the quality of the flower and the leaf
  • Neutralizes damaging Narcissusglue in mixed bouquets.
  • More effective than other chlorine products.
  • Resolves clearly and oderless in water.
  • Contains a tracer for controlling the dosage.


For the best care u use:

  • 1 tablet per 1 liter of water for Gerbera and mixed bouquets with Narcissus.
  • 1 tablet per 3 liters of water for all different types of flowers

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