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DryGair DG12 Dehumidifier - Standard Unit excl. roof

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DryGair DG12 Dehumidifier - Standard Unit excl. roof

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Technical details:

  • The standard unit covers up to 4,000 m² of greenhouse (depending on the crop).
  • The unit condenses on average 45 L/h water, ±600 L/night at 80% RH and 18°C.
  • The unit can be placed on the ground - together with the passageways, as part of the rows, on the side of the greenhouse; or it can be hung.
  • Optimal temperature range: 10°C - 25°C.
  • Dimensions: Depth 930 mm, width 2,320 mm, height 2,220 mm ±500 mm air distribution module.
  • Electricity requirements: 3 phase.

DryGair Energies Ltd. designed, developed and markets an efficient and environment friendly dehumidification and heating solution for humidity problems in greenhouses. Together with Volcani Center - ARO (Israel's Agriculture Research Organization) headed by Dr. Arbel, DryGair Energies developed the DryGair dehumidifiers' concept which helps reduce the grower's expenses and contributes to better yield (quantity and quality) using less energy and less pesticides. Our solution enables the grower to maximize the control of the climate conditions in the greenhouse and to reduce the humidity.

The need derives from:

  • High energy prices
  • Restrictions on pesticides
  • Awareness of environmental issues

Our benefits

  • Humidity control
  • Energy Saving
  • Optimal homogeneous climate conditions
  • Growing tool
  • Better yield- quality and quantity
  • Prevention of humidity diseases and Reducing the need for pesticides
  • Prevents loss of CO2
  • Saving working hours
  • Greener environment and sustainability
  • Organic premium-optional
  • Increases density of crops- optional
  • Re-use water (45 L/h)

Fast ROI!

All these advantages have additional financial values. Saving energy cost,
increasing the income due to higher production and better quality, saving
operation costs (water and work) and promoting green sustainable

DryGair is a useful growing tool for a variety of crops:

  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Flowers
  • Cannabis
  • Organic

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