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DryGair DG12 Dehumidifier - Standard Unit excl. roof

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DryGair DG12 Dehumidifier - Standard Unit excl. roof

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DryGair greenhouse dehumidifiers feature advanced humidity control, continuous air circulation and the option to upgrade with heating and cooling functions, all in one unit.

The DryGair units dehumidify the greenhouse air; both the RH (relative humidity) and absolute humidity drop, while the moisture deficit increases. Instead of releasing the energy contained in water vapour to the outside, it is "harvested" on the cold panels of the DryGair unit. This does not result in energy loss, but rather in energy savings of up to 50%!
Excessive humidity in greenhouses often arises from crop evaporation. A conventional solution involves opening windows to facilitate the inflow of cold air. However, this approach necessitates continuous heating to maintain temperature levels, leading to substantial energy and financial expenses. The Drygair units provide a favorable alternative. They efficiently and effortlessly dehumidify the greenhouse air, resulting in enhanced stability of humidity and temperature within the greenhouses.

DryGair can be used in crops such as; Vegetables, flowers, herbs, organic & cannabis.


Benefits of the DryGair unit DG12

  1. Reduction of relative humidity. DryGair condenses 48 l of water/hour* - the highest amount in the market! A lower RH (higher HD) results in a healthier crop, which translates into better quality through the prevention of diseases and less use of pesticides.
  2. Significant energy savings. The unit achieves maximum energy efficiency due to low energy consumption (12kWh *). Drygair distinguishes itself because the system does not require outside air; it treats the present greenhouse air. Except that there is no loss of sensible and latent heat (energy contained in water vapor), this latent heat is “harvested” on the cold panels of the unit. Experience shows that an average saving of 50% can be achieved by treating moisture from the greenhouse air without losing heat.
  3. Uniform climate conditions. DryGair's unique air circulation moves air throughout the greenhouse (22,000 m3/hr/unit), creating a homogeneous humidity and temperature between plants during operation. In addition to a uniform climate, which is partly achieved because the screens can be closed 100%, an active climate is also created. An active climate ensures that elements such as Calcium are transported through the plant, which in turn leads to a healthier and more resilient crop.
  4. Water saving. The water collected from the units can be reused in cultivation. It is clean and contains no elements. In this way we also contribute to the increasing demand for good irrigation water and emission-free cultivation.


DryGair is the most energy efficient dehumidifier available.

  • Healthier crops with up to 20% greater yields.
  • Prevents loss of CO².
  • Constant high volume air flow: 13,000 f³/min.
  • Optional heating and cooling.
    • Up to 50% energy savingss
  • 13 gallons / hour water removed using only 10 kw.* (At 64˚C 80% RH)
  • Prevents humidity related diseases & reduces the need for pesticides.
  • 10 to 20% reduction in crop cycle.
  • Continuous Air circulation.
  • Patented design and process.


Technical information of DryGair


Depth 930mm Width 2320 mm

Water condensation @ 18°C, 80%RH

45 L/u
Weight ~825 kgElectricity consumption10 kW
Height*2410 mm + ~500 mmElectricity requirements3 Phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
I (oper max) = 31 Amp
Area coverage**Tot 4000 m²Air flow~22.000 m³/u
Optimal temperatures' range10 - 25 ºCType of refrigerantR507

* Exact height can be specifically adjusted
** Depends on the crop

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