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X-plore 6570 Full Face Mask

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X-plore 6570 Full Face Mask

Item no. 391002806
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X-Plore 6570 full face mask RVS

The stainless steel mask for sensitive skin, suitable for RD 40 roll wire connection.
Flexibility at low and high temperatures. EN 136 Class 3 full face mask.
Universal dimensions 


  • Stainless steel mask for safety and comfort
    A double seal frame with triple sealing edges provides safe protection and a secure fit for virtually all face shapes. The full face mask is made of durable and hypoallergenic silicone (blue or yellow) that guarantees unrestricted wearing comfort even during prolonged use.
  • Large field of view with panorama
    The distortion-free window with a large 180° angle guarantees a large field of view with excellent lateral visibility. The visor is made of shockproof polycarbonate with a plastic or stainless steel stretcher around the glass.
  • Efficient ventilation system
    The efficient ventilation with separate inner mask prevents the visor from fogging up and provides a clear view.
  • Multiple usage
    The X-plore 6570 is equipped with an Rd40 connection in accordance with EN 148-1 for use with Dräger's X-plore Rd40 filters.
  • 5-point headband set
    The comfortable five-point head harness not only ensures that the mask can be put on easily and quickly, but it is also wide enough to prevent pressure points on the user's head.
  • Easy maintenance and logistics
    One universal size simplifies logistics and storage. With a barcode on the inside, your mask inventory is easy to document and maintain.
  • Good verbal communication
    An integrated stainless steel speech diaphragm provides good communication.
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