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6matic Auto Filter 6" 80 microns (4.000 cm²)

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6matic Auto Filter 6" 80 microns (4.000 cm²)

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Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter:

The UDI 6Matic is the latest development in automatic self-cleaning screen filters. The filter offers an efficient solution for filtering water with fluctuating levels of dirt and varying flow rates in the widest range of applications.

The suction system with S.A. Nozzles is pressed against the stainless steel filter screen during the backflushing process due to a hydraulic pressure differential, thus ensuring perfect cleaning. The filtration process is not interrupted while backflushing, and a minimum of flushing water is required.

An electric motor and an internal automatic reversing mechanism move the suction system along the entire filter element for perfect cleaning.

The filter can be applied for diverse applications due to the economical and efficient automatic self cleaning mechanism. This self cleaning mechanism includes the S.S. pressure compensation tube, differential pressure switch, S.S. filter screen and plastic flushing valve.

The UDI 6Matic is available in a wide range of sizes and filter perforations for a broad range of applications.
The filters are available in 2" to 20" (DN 50 mm - 500 mm) connections with flows up to 1600 m³/h. Filter perforations are available in 400 to 10 microns.
For high flow applications, numerous filters can be installed to form a filter unit of very high capacity.


  • Process water
  • Cooling water processes
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Recirculation systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pre-filtration of disinfection equipment

Advantages of the UDI Automatic Self-Cleaning Electric Screen Filter:
• Efficient and automatic self-cleaning system capable of processing high dirt loads
• Low pressure loss
• Continuous uninterrupted filtration during the flushing process
• Long life as a result of polyester-coated steel, stainless steel filterscreen and flushing
• High filtration efficiency resulting from the unique stainless steel Super Screen
• Low flushing capacity at minimal loss of flushing water
• pH 5-9 resistant
• Max. operating temperature 55 °C, up to 65°C on request
• Low pressure loss

Unique Super Screen Filter Element:
The Super Screen filter is a multi layer stainless steel 316L wire mesh sintered together. This creates a self-supporting structure with a very large effective filter surface to achieve excellent filtering results.

In preparation for the coating, the filters are provided with a special layer of zinc phosphate. This treatment ensures proper adhesion of the coating, and protects against rusting-through from the inside. Subsequently, the polyester coating is applied electrostatically, both internally and externally, before being furnace-hardened. The entire process involves 7 steps, and results in a perfect coating with a thickness of approximately 120 microns.

Self-Adjusting flushing nozzle:
The 6Matic is fitted with patented self adjusting suction nozzles, that, during the flushing process, due to hydraulic differences, follow the filter surface as close as possible . This results in highly efficient cleaning with as little drain water as possible and reliable operation.

Automatic Reversing Mechanism:
The internal flushing mechanism automatically creates a linear movement (back and forth), eliminating the use of limit switches
and the need for a 3-phase connection. This means a singlephase motor (230 V) can be used to rotate the dirt collector that
scans the entire filter screen clean in 30 seconds.

• Filter housing: Polyester-coated steel (option: stainless steel)
• Filter element: coarse screen: Perforated PVC
 fine screen: Multi layer sintered stainless steel wire mesh
• Rubbers: Natural rubber (NR)
Filter perforations: 400-300-200-130-100-80-50-40-30-25 microns (on request: 10 microns)

Filtration process in two stages:
first stage- coarse filtration: the raw water enters the filter through the inlet and passes through the coarse screen (1) to the inside of the filter. This prevents passage of large particles which may damage the filter internals.
second stage- fine filtration: after coarse filtration the water flows through the inside of the filter to the internal side of the fine screen (2). The water passes through the screen from inside out to the filtered water chamber (8) and flows out through the outlet. As the water passes through the fine screen, the solids accumulate creating a cake of dirt on the inner surface of the screen; as a result the pressure drop across the screen increases, and when it reaches a preset level (0.5 bar) the filter controller activates the self cleaning process.

Flushing cycle:
On a flushing command, the flushing valve (6) opens to the atmosphere and pressure drop is created in the flushing chamber (4). As a result, water with dirt from the screen begins flowing through the suction nozzles (3) and collector pipe (7) to the drain via flushing chamber (4) and flushing valve (6). The pressure differential created at the suction nozzles provides a local back-flushing effect, drawing a portion of the water back through the screen and removing the accumulated solids. The nozzles are self-adjusting in accordance with the screen surface. The accurate contact point between the unique self-adjusting nozzle and the screen insures an increased suction ability and decreases significantly the water consumption during flushing. Simultaneously a unidirectional electric motor with the worm gear (5) starts moving the collector with the suction nozzles in helical movement to cover the entire screen's surface, enabling complete and effective cleaning of the screen. The electrical motor is connected through the collector to a reversing direction unit (9) which enables a continuous linear movement (back and forth) of the collector.

The filter is equipped with a pressure gauge and a differential pressure switch that activate the cleaning process, using a computer, PLC control or switch box, in the most efficient manner. Selfcleaning takes place by moving the suction system in a spiral movement across the entire filter
surface, removing the dirt off the surface and subsequently draining it.

All 6Matic filters are designed with the option of fitting an airvalve on the filter housing. The control panel can be fitted to either side of the filter, increasing system design freedom. On request, the filter housing and element can be manufactured completely from stainless steel. Diverse motors to suite different electrical currents are available. A range of applications is possible; consult your supplier.

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