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KY-Valve 3"BSP 90 gr 2 way 24VAC

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KY-Valve 3"BSP 90 gr 2 way 24VAC

Item no. 083542305
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KY-Valve 3" BSP 0- gr 2 way 24 vac

The Bermad 100 series is a low-energy plastic valve with an ultra-high flow and is applicable in a wide range of requirements. The KY-valve has an excellent service under changing pressure and flow conditions, and has minimal flow restrictions. The positive guided valve has a precise and smooth motion control without causing water hammer. The simple design, durable at the industrial level, with few component parts ensures easy and simple service. The valve is made of high-grade glass-fibre reinforced nylon, resistant to mechanical forces due to pressure, temperature variations and vibrations, and is corrosion resistant.

The KY-valve, operating according to the principle of the medium controlled valve shut-off valves and is to be applied, inter alia, with the following features:

  • Hydraulic and / or electric open / close
  • Pressure-reducing
  • Overflow- / high-pressure protection
  • Level control / float controlled valves


  • Automation
  • Protection: Pressure control
  • Protection: Pressure relief valve
  • Thermal pump installations
  • Re-circulation systems
  • Substrate systems
  • Filter flushing taps
  • Irrigation systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Eb & flood systems


  • Pneumatic control
  • N.O. electric closure
  • Combination of functions

Technical specifications

Housing and lidglass fibre reinforced nylon
Spring Stainless steel
MembraneNBR, reinforces with nylon
Work pressure0,5 - 10 bar
Max temperatureWater until 60ºC
Size and execution3” BSP male thread with  flow stem

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