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Lowara Hydrovar HVL4 15,0 kW 380-460V/3F

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Lowara Hydrovar HVL4 15,0 kW 380-460V/3F

Item no. 819300707
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The HYDROVAR ® HVL is a frequency controller for use on pump motors. This embodiment can be extended with various modules. This complete controller can operate either stand alone or up to 8 pumps.
The Master HVL can be made compatible with software of with older controllers, the HV4 series


  • Versions up to 22 kW
  • Only suitable for mounting on the pump motor
  • Display can be rotated 180 °
  • Engergie possible to save 70%
  • Easy to install
  • Plug and Play
  • Communication with up to 8 pumps (Master version only)
  • Protection degree IP55


Vernieuwing HVL t.o.v. HV4

  • Display contains more text
  • Functions per button are shown
  • Improved buttons
  • The HVL is more compact
  • Connection of the wiring is improved
  • Extra lid for connections
  • Mounting brackets are to be adjusted without tools


Model typeRated outputNominal input voltageModel sizeMax input current (A)Efficiency rated (%) typicalOutput voltage (V)Max output current (A)Output frequency (Hz)
4.0151.5 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)A3.9 A96%0-100% of supply voltage4.1 A15-70 (Hz)
4.0222.2 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)A5.3 A96,5%0-100% of supply voltage5.7 A15-70 (Hz)
4.0303 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)A7.2 A96,5%0-100% of supply voltage7.3 A15-70 (Hz)
4.0404 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)A10.1 A96,5%0-100% of supply voltage10 A15-70 (Hz)
4.0555.5 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)B12.8 A97%0-100% of supply voltage13.5 A15-70 (Hz)
4.0757.5 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)B16.9 A97%0-100% of supply voltage17 A15-70 (Hz)
4.11011 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)B24.2 A97%0-100% of supply voltage24 A15-70 (Hz)
4.15015 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)C33.3 A97%0-100% of supply voltage32 A15-70 (Hz)
4.18518.5 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)C38.1 A97%0-100% of supply voltage38 A15-70 sHz)
4.22022 kW380-460x15% (3 phase)C44.7 A97%0-100% of supply voltage44 A15-70 (Hz)
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