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Visser Horti Systems

Improving & Innovating Horticulture

Since 1967, Visser Horti Systems B.V. has designed and manufactured machines and complete production lines for both large and small horticultural nurseries. By maintaining a continuous dialogue with growers, Visser is able to supply a range of products that is perfectly geared to the needs of the market and effectively meet the most stringent customer requirements. Consequently, as an innovative organization with global operations, Visser is a leading force in the horticultural sector. Visser Horti Systems is part of the Viscon Group. The Viscon organisation consists of a number of companies that has successfully completed automation projects worldwide. The basis for its success is an organisation build up of different divisions, each with its own specialist knowledge.

vinkjeVisser provides a full and comprehensive service in almost any country in the world
vinkjeA project approach is elementary at Visser Horti Systems
vinkjeWith Viscon Group they aim to create solutions for the smart movement of products in Agro & Food

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Visser Horti Systems

Top 5 Visser Horti Systems solutions

  • Space-O-Mat

    For some 20 years now, the continuously innovating Visser Space-O-Mat system has become a common concept in potplant nurseries but also increasingly in tree nurseries with container cultivation ranging from small to large scale. The system is suitable for both concrete and container floors (root barrier and gravel), both indoors and outdoors, and can be extended to any capacity due to its modular set-up. 

    The patented pot-spacing system is flexible and designed for all pot sizes. The comprehensive product line for pot and container handling includes: pot transport forks and spacing legs, electric and diesel fork-lift trucks, set-down and transfer robots, collecting stations, grading and buffer systems, trailer and table loading systems, conveyor belts, trailers and aluminum cultivation table systems.

    Space-O-Mat System
    Proven worldwide
    Easy programming new planting combinations

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  • AutoStix

    Visser developed a revolutionary system to automate the process of the sticking of cuttings: AutoStix. Together with one of the biggest cutting producers in the world, Visser developed a system which can create great efficiency in your nursery. The system consists of a newly developed patented transplanter and a compatible special patented strip and tray that complete the system and create a turn-key concept. 

    AutoStix is a biodegradable product. The strip has been designed to enhance and guide the development of the root system. De strip can hold cuttings with different stem diameters, yet still positions the stems firmly without damaging the soft tissue. 

    AutoStix®: the system
    Up to 10.000 cuttings per hour
    A uniform and high quality result
    Process innovations

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  • Seeding

    Seed is valuable and accurate seeding is a substantial saving for every grower. Over the past 40 years, Visser has developed a seeding range that is suitable for all capacity needs and types of seeds. This has resulted in a wide range of models, such as nozzle seeders, drum seeders, volume adjustable seeders and overhead seeders. 

    Auto Seeder Roulette
    High precision with difficult seeds
    Get your seeding program in one touch
    Easy change over to different kind of trays and seeds

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    Auto Seeder Granudine
    Equal dividing
    Quick change over
    Seeding in pots and trays

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  • Transplanting

    Great flexibility, sufficient capacity, ease of operation and a perfect planting result are probably the most important characteristics an automatic planting machine should have. Visser has developed a very wide range of models for both small and large nurseries, for planting into both trays and pots. Low change-over times, visual control and programming, a high degree of reliability, excellent planting results and capacities up to as high as 45,000 plants an hour characterize the high quality of their planting machines.

    Pic-O-Mat GR-2700 Transplanter
    Up to 38,000 plants / hour
    24 servo driven grippers
    New servo controlled software
    Easy programming new planting combinations

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  • Watering Booms

    Through the years, Visser has accumulated a lot of expertise in this area and has developed a wide range of spraying and watering booms. Solutions include: a fixed boom for each bay for maximum capacity, mobile systems for efficient use and a fullyautomatically operating system that moves the spraying or watering boom from bay to bay according to a preprogrammed schedule.

    Fixed irrigation boom
    Maximum house length of 170 meter
    Maximum house width of 12,80 meter
    1 or 2 rails
    Water driven dosing pump

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    Transportable boom
    Maximum house length of 100 meter
    Maximum house width of 9,60 meter
    1 or 2 rails
    Reservoir with a capacity of 10 or 30 liter
    Water driven dosing pump

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