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All products you need to produce lettuce

Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for professionally growing of lettuce. On this page you’ll find all you need for your crop. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for lettuce.

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Shading agents

Service articles

  • Why should I do a boiler water treatment?

    More and more insurance companies make demands on the water quality in WKK-systems as well as heating systems. The grower is the one responsible for the prevention of corrosions and clogging of his system. Insurances companies will not give you your pay out if they can prove that the water quality in in your system does not measure up to guidelines. By monitoring your boiler water, WKK-systems, CV-systems and cooling systems yearly you can prevent a lot of trouble. So make an appointment right away!

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  • Which substrate is suited for my crop?

    Industrial processes are continually adapted to achieve maximum quality of the end product.This causes heavy pressure in agriculture. Through new cultivation solutions and innovations of Grodan substrate, cultivation yield increases.  But which substrate is suitable for your cultivation? And what is the difference between these slabs?

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  • Hygiene measures when entering a greenhouse

    Upon entering a greenhouse you often see a hygiene station where you can disinfect your hands, and after that you can enter the greenhouse. It is often thought that the disinfection of hands is enough to make hands free of bacteria and prevent contamination of the crop, but this is not true. But actually hygiene would have to go much further. It does not stop at just the disinfection of hands. In this article, our experts explain proper and complete hygiene when entering a horticultural company. 

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  • What are the differences between powder and liquid shading agents?

    Since the 1970’s developments in the horticultural sector have increased rapidly. Developments in areas such as production engineering, automation, overall professionalism, marketing and, last but not least, greenhouse technology and construction. As greenhouses grew bigger and taller, gutters grew longer and thinner and spraying techniques became more sophisticated. With these developments the demand for a different way of ‘chalking’ also grew louder. It needed to be easier, faster, safer and more accurate. From this demand liquid shading agents have arisen. 

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  • Optimal presentation with the appropriate sleeve

    lower and plant sleeves exist in various kinds and sizes, but also in different kinds of material. Each crop has different demands and it is therefore important to choose the sleeve that suits both these demands and your personal requirements. We will gladly advise you regarding this.

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  • Why are maintenance & inspection important?

    In greenhouse horticulture more and more periodic inspections and tests are made mandatory. This includes testing of spraying equipment, electrical installations and silos. Insurance agencies and other agencies are becoming stricter when it comes to this. Apart from periodic maintenance being mandatory, it has advantages for you as well!

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