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D-FUSE (660) 15 l

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D-FUSE (660) 15 l

Item no. 370014687
bucket = 15 liter
pallet = 44 bucket
pallet = 6,6 100 liters
pallet = 660 liter
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D-Fuse is a weatherproof diffuse coating that provides maximum diffused light and optimalgrowth light (PAR) transmission. D-Fuse contains specially developed pigments that maximise light diffusion and allow for optimal growth light ingress (PAR).

D-Fuse is specifically designed for glass, plastic film, polycarbonate and acrylic. D-Fuse is very wear-resistant, yet easy to remove with Removit.

D-Fuse does not contain any components that are harmful to the environment. 

Advantages D-Fuse

  • High PAR transmission.
  • Reduction of plant temperature.
  • Maximize use of sunlight in your crop
  • Maximum diffuse light.
  • Optimal growth light (PAR) transmission


Dosage D-Fuse

Buckets per haShading PAR +/-% HAZE (diffusitivity) +/-Lifespan (weeks) +/-Weather resistance
132-3%86%16-20 Maximum

Lifespan is measured under average European weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions may slightly affect the values specified in the table. Applying by hand we advise: 17 buckets / hectare because of loss of spray liquid. Percentages are based on measurements performed by Wageningen University (WUR).


Add the content of the bucket to clean water while stirring. Use a sufficient amount of spray liquid to evenly distribute the D-Fuse . The amount of spray liquid partly depends on the spraying method used. An indicative quantity of spray liquid for machine application is 1200 to 1400 litres per hectare and 1500 to 1700 litres per hectare in case of manual application. We recommend continuously or regularly stirring the solution during application. Apply D-Fuse on a clean and dry underground in dry weather conditions.

After the season D-Fuse can be removed quickly, easily and in a responsible manner with Removit.


Do not use D-Fuse in combination with other screen products. Prevent the product from entering the basin during application or removal.
It is recommended to store D-Fuse frost-free. 

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